pumpkin soup

Lets welcome the fall with a great tasting deliciously spicy soup. You can make this for a cold rainy day or for your fancy Thanksgiving dinner. There are variations to this recipe, you can add more spices or top it off with caramelized pumpkin seed or even serve it in a small pumpkin, but whatever you do it will still make an amazing velvety soup!

4 T olive oil
2 onions, finely chopped
2 lbs. pumpkin peeled, deseeded and chopped into small cubes
3 c. vegetable or chicken stock
2 stems of fresh sage ( or dried 2 tsp)
1 c. heavy cream

1. In a large sauce pan add olive oil and cook onions for about 5 min.
2. Add in the pumpkin cubes and continue to cook for 10 min. until it is very soft
3. Put in stock and season with salt, pepper and sage and bring it to a high simmer
4. Pour in the heavy cream and SALSA MAYA and stir until well incorporated
5. Bring back to a boil then remove and puree the soup until completely smooth
            - tip: pass it through a fine colander for a more velvety texture